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Frequently Asked Questions
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What does K9's in line do differently than others in your field?

I take the time to get to know each member of the family. Training is something I find to be a very personal and emotional experience. It is important to know each personality and be able to take those different people and be able to show them how they can communicate with their dog on a level everyone can understand. Every dog is different, just like every person is different. Two German shepherds from the same litter are just as different as two brothers. Taking the time to get to know each dog as well as their family member’s is what really can spark a great working relationship as well as a family life.

Which types of animals does K9's in line train?

We train dogs of all breeds and ages. Anything from a 12-year-old Teacup poodle to a 4-month-old Great Dane and everything in between. While not all dogs need to learn everything from the bottom up, some may just need a refresher course. We are happy to offer different packages that can be tailored to your dogs’ needs.

What is your training methodology?

Choice Theory Dog Training teaches you how to use the proper techniques in order to train your dog to working dog standards. Working dog standards are higher then pet standards. This is because the consequences for failing are greater. A service or guide dog that fails to sit in total control when it sees a distraction could very easily pull its owner into traffic or down to the ground where great injury could be suffered. A military or police working dog is assertive enough that if not under control would take food or toys away from humans and not give them back.

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